Can you make money doing paid surveys online? I tried it for ONE YEAR and here are my findings

I have heard about making money doing surveys online for quite sometimes now, but never really try it myself until now. About a year ago I decided to give it a go and after doing some research on which sites is the best one to do this, I have registered an account with Price Rebel - Paid Surveys For Money. So let get straight to the point, here is what I've found after about one year of doing it:

  1. The pay is real. There are few options you can choose: Amazon Gift card, Paypal Money, Prepaid Visa Card, Online Game card (Blizzard, Steam etc.) and Dwolla. I've opted for Amazon Gift Card since it is the easiest one for me.
  2. Getting paid is hard. The survey availability is limited (at least for Malaysia's region).
  3. There will be a lot of disqualifications as most of the survey require very specific criteria (e.g certain age group, income, from specific state, etc.)
  4. You can go as much as half way through the survey and still get disqualified.
  5. A high paying survey can get you as much as 80 points, which translate to 80 cent USD. Minimum reward is $5 USD, so you will need at least 500 points to claim your reward.

How much did I made in last year?: $55 USD

I try to check in if there is any survey available every workday in the morning. Usually there is no survey, if there is a survey, you will mostly get disqualified. But you can complete two or three survey a month and on a good month you can get up to 1000 points per month.


Yes, you can make money from doing survey online but I do not think you can make a living doing this. But if you would like to make extra pocket money than this is definitely for you, so go ahead and give it a try yourself. You can click on my referral link : Price Rebel - Paid Surveys For Money


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